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A great beachtag story: I've always been slightly obsessed with Stone Harbor. My best memories are there, I recently got married there-it is surely my favorite place. I would save a beach tag here and there throughout the years, but it wasn't until recently that I started truly collecting. My neighbor came to my door with a package for me. It had no return address just my name and address and had somehow drifted into the woods behind his house and was dirty and water damaged from the weather. When I opened it, it had a Stone Harbor tag from 1977 inside. As fate would have it, that was the year my mom and her sisters found Stone Harbor. Their dad had just suddenly died and they took to the Garden State Parkway and just kept driving, looking for a place for the family to get away for a while. We still don't know who sent it, or where it came from! I've come a long way in my collection since then! I plan to mount the entire Stone Harbor beach tag collection once I've completed my collection. Maybe one day I will have a beach house of my own there to display it in!
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